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Volunteers Come Together for the 2nd Annual Volunteer Retreat

This weekend eight GMH volunteers came together for the second annual volunteer retreat, hosted at the lovely Hadfield cottage on Stag Island.

The retreat was a great chance for our widely dispersed volunteer base to connect and bond. We were able to review and reflect on our past 5 years. We had long spirited discussions about what we want to achieve in the future, as well as the strategies and plans we’ll use to achieve them.


It wasn’t all business though.

  • Mazen whipped up crowd pleasing meals for the crew.
  • Rodger joined us via video conference, and eloquently led a discussion on the future of GMH’s data policy with enjoyable passion.
  • Julia brought lots of fun, laughs, and life to the party.
  • Graeme constructed a serious fire for the Saturday night festivities.
  • Olivia, GMH’s awesome new Administrative Director, seamlessly slid into more of lead role, directing activities and leading discussions.
  • Tobe, our newest volunteer, took some time away from thesis writing to join us – and was always ready for fun and brought a great energy for bringing the group together.
  • Stephanie flew in all the way from Atlanta, and shared a great deal of knowledge about Ghana, grants, and charitable experiences.
  • Lastly, Kelly managed the entire event while simultaneously battling an illness and working multiple other focus demanding tasks. Luckily for the volunteers Kelly has a stubbornly persistent positive attitude and love for her volunteer team.

An enormous thank you to Evan, Kata, Chris and Helene Hadfield for allowing us to use your cottage/dock for our retreat! Having such a special environment to enjoy together as a team is a priceless contribution to our future as a group.

Thanks to everyone who attended! It’s only through the incredible capacity of our volunteers that GMH is able to impact lives and improve health in Ghana. We hope to see you again next year!

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