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“I set it in 1973. It’s the intertwining of the space race and the Cold War and the Soviet Space Station — all put together with all sorts of twists and turns. Cosmonauts and Astronauts… a chance for you to see what might have been in space.”


THE APOLLOMURDERSA thriller from Chris Hadfield. Set in space, The Apollo Murders is full of high tech adventure, danger and people pushed to their limit, at a pivotal moment in history.

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Ghana Medical Help is partnering with Canadian Astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield to support locally driven, needs-based projects that advance health equity and improve health and wellbeing in under-resourced communities of Ghana. The proceeds from each HARDCOVER AUTOGRAPHED BOOK sold through this page will go directly toward GMH initiatives on the ground.

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WHAT WE DOGhana Medical Help is a Canadian charity that works towards its vision for people to have equal opportunity to adequate healthcare throughout Ghana and worldwide.

EquipSupply the tools and resources health care professionals and institutions need to be effective.

EducateProvide health education and skills training to improve health care provision by professionals and foster preventive health practices within communities.

EmpowerDesign and operate projects in partnership with local health care providers and community leaders, emphasizing local ownership. Alleviate poverty and elevate the capacity of families and communities to prioritize healthy living.

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