Ghana Medical Help


is an international medical humanitarian organization working to improve health outcomes in the under-served, impoverished rural communities of northern Ghana and in similar communities worldwide.

Rural health care providers in northern Ghana are often unable to provide adequate basic services due to disempowered personnel and facilities. Understaffed, undertrained and lacking even the simplest tools to monitor or manage patient conditions, the limited capacity of the health facilities leads to a high incidence of preventable mortality among the most vulnerable, namely pregnant women and children. Geographical bias in access to clinical training programs and medical equipment distribution, favouring the southern urban centres, reinforces these limitations. However, Ghana is a politically stable, democratic, and safe country, making it highly suitable as a site for the development of long-term solutions to the problems of severely deficient health care systems – problems that are common to Lower and Middle Income Countries around the world.

Our operational model enables GMH to serve as an incubator for the development of gold standard health projects, which can then be scaled up and replicated across Ghana and in other countries. Ultimately, GMH isn’t just about Ghana. We’re focused on the bigger picture. This isn’t about one country, one region or one community. This is about improving the quality of life worldwide. For GMH, Ghana is only the beginning - Global Medical Help isn’t far on the horizon.