Ghana Medical Help

The GMH approach involves

sustainable, research-based, customized interventions. Our solution is three-fold: equip, educate, and empower.

Equip: Supply the tools and resources health care professionals and institutions need to be effective.

Educate: Provide health education and skills training to improve health care provision by professionals and foster preventive health practices within communities.

Empower: Design and operate projects in partnership with local health care providers and community leaders, emphasizing local ownership. Alleviate poverty and elevate the capacity of families and communities to prioritize healthy living.

This method generates successful interventions that are specifically tailored to the local environment, that are regularly monitored and evaluated, and that ultimately transition to self-sufficiency, effectively eliminating the traditional challenges faced by international health programs.

Based on the demonstrated success of our method, GMH has developed a 3-phase concept for piloting, expanding, and packaging gold standard humanitarian health care initiatives for global replication and dissemination.

Phase I: Pilot and refine the project in the Upper Regions of Ghana through research, monitoring, and evaluation conducted via access to GMH networks of community stakeholders, to create a gold standard project with maximum impact.

Phase II: Expand the project across Ghana to establish its impact and applicability across a larger geographic scale. Further refine the project design to adapt to specific local needs.

Phase III: ‘Package’ the project such that it can be easily replicated and introduced to parallel environments in other countries of need through existing local non-profit organizations or GMH affiliates.