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Thanks to Dogecoin for $342 USD to Purchase Medical Equipment

2 years ago we started accepting dogecoin (a cryptocurrency) and over that time we received donations from hundreds of different people.

Due to a recent surge in price we debated converting 50% of our donated dogecoin to USD. We also asked the online community responsible for most of the donations ( for their thoughts here .

The reason we use USD is because most of the equipment we purchase (as economically as possible) is from the United States. The falling value of the Canadian dollar relative to the US dollar is making equipment purchasing more expensive for us.

Once we decided to proceed a company called WeSellCrypto ( quickly volunteered to convert half our holdings (1.3 million dogecoin) into USD for free. We had the USD in our account in minutes.

Thank you to the Dogecoin Community for donating, and WeSellCrypto for providing us with $342 USD (~$480 CAD) for our 1.3 million dogecoin. This money will be used to purchase vital medical equipment for hospitals in northern Ghana in the summer.

Learn more about our history with cryptocurrency here.

Ghana Medical Help

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