Ghana Medical Help

THANK YOU to the guests of the Gala for Ghana: A “GALActic” evening with Chris Hadfield!

Due to your generous support, we were able to secure funding to finish the construction of the Bongo Hospital operating theater, secure sponsorship for the rewiring of the Bongo Hospital, and secure funding to continue supporting all 14 district hospitals in the north of Ghana with medical aid and training.

Equally as important, we were able to connect leaders in medical technology, innovation, and global health, and provide a unique opportunity for collaboration towards the shared goal of improving rural global health.

None of this would have been possible without YOU. Your incredible generosity will have an immediate impact on the health infrastructure in the north of Ghana, and a sustained impact on the future of health care in the region.

We hope you enjoyed the evening and look forward to welcoming you again next year!

Ghana Medical Help