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Our 6 Month Reports Are In!

“…many lives (especially children) are saved which would have otherwise perished.”

The research investigating the impact of our medical aid to our Ghana partner hospitals within the last six months has been completed. We would like to recognize and thank our incredible on-ground project leader Dominic Akaateba for his hard work making these reports possible.

The results of this research are both extremely exciting and motivating!

  • Mortality rates
  • patient care
  • staff morale
  • community trust
  • hospital outreach work to rural communities

– all of this (and so much more) has shown to have significantly benefited from having basic medical equipment.


Please read directly from the Bongo District Hospital Summary Report now to see the enormous change you can create in millions of lives by supporting Ghana Medical Help.

“The donated items have been very useful to us and have immensely impacted the quality of care rendered to our clients.”

Please spare a minute of your day right now and read of the life saving impacts our medical aid has had in the northern district hospitals of Ghana. If you like what you see, please MAKE A DONATION TO GHANA MEDICAL HELP today to help us continue making these impacts, as we develop into a self-sustainable model.

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