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Barrie Air Cadets and Two Hadfields


On November 25th, Barrie 102 (Silver Fox) Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron was very pleased to have an alumna return to the parade square. Kelly Hadfield, former Squadron Warrant Officer of 102, was on hand to speak to the cadets about her current endeavours and how the skills that she learned at Air Cadets have contributed to her success.

Kelly is the founder and Executive Director of Ghana Medical Help, a charitable organization she established in 2010. GMH works to sustainably advance the quality and availability of basic health care in northern Ghana. Ms. Hadfield launched GMH after seeing first hand the challenges that existed in Ghana. Her agency, in partnership with the local medical personnel, now helps to provide needed equipment and education to over two million Ghanaians. She attributes the roots of her organizational and leadership skills to the opportunities and training received through Air Cadets. What a fantastic example of 102 Squadron’s motto: to learn, to serve, to advance.

Read the full article from the Barrie Examiner.


Ghana Medical Help