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2 New Hospital Partners & Signs of Success


This beautiful car, driven by the wonderful Baba, has been my home this past week. I have had nonstop days visiting our 5 partner hospitals in the Upper West Region, plus 2 newly made district hospitals that GMH will support in 2015 – Gwollu and Wechiau.


It excites me to no end to see the enormous impact our donated equipment is making in the Upper West! Our donated equipment is being used in nearly every ward of each hospital, empowering staff for the FIRST TIME EVER to continuously monitor critically ill patients and respond quickly in those vital moments to save lives. Improving both accuracy and efficiency, I saw that all hospitals use our donated patient monitors on every incoming patient to help handle the enormous load of patients coming each day to the hospital. On the walls of the pediatric wards, I’d smile to find educational materials from our Helping Babies Breathe program posted as reference.


But what I found was also slightly overwhelming, because the need is still so much. Our equipment has helped immensely – taking the hospitals to an entirely new level of effective health care service and delivery. However, if an emergency ward now has one patient monitor, what happens if more than one patients come in with a critical condition? Oxygen concentrators and suction machines are needed in every ward (plus the operating theatre), so while it’s fantastic that the hospitals will now have one, they still need more. I could go on and on.


This is where we need your help. GMH supported 10 district hospitals in 2014, and this year will be supporting 3 more. By virtue of dividing our equipment donations by 13, it significantly limits how much support we can offer a hospital in a year. And these hospitals don’t forget can serve over 90,000 people with a single doctor.

Please, please support our equipment acquisition and donation program by donating and helping us to procure our targeted equipment.

More to come! Bye for now!

– Kelly Hadfield

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  1. Joseph Adongo
    May 5, 2015

    I am a staff of Lawra district hospital, a beneficiary hospital of GMH equipment programme. We are so grateful to you for the support. Our equipment situation has improved dramatically and quality of health care has also improved. You personally visited the hospital this year and I am sure you saw things for yourself.
    Thanks so much and we hope that such kind gestures would always be extended to the Lawra hospital. We promise to put them into good use.
    Thank you once again and may God bless.

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