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About Mazen El-baba

My name is Mazen and I am a fourth year university study seeking your support in effort to raise money to help fund my mission to Ghana. A bit about myself, I immigrated to Canada with my family in ’05 from Lebanon. As years went by and I grew older, I began to notice that the world needed help. Change needed to be implemented for the hopes of a better tomorrow. I always aspire to be the best of ‘me’ in order to help make the necessary change possible.

As the old cliché goes: every journey begins with a step; and Ghana will be one of my first steps to strive for change; change that is needed to ensure the health and safety of individuals across the world. I will be embarking on a whole new adventure that holds its unique challenges and surprises. This will give me the necessary knowledge and experience to better prepare me for my future endeavors.

The Mission

Throughout this mission, I will be mostly in 11 hospitals of which we, Ghana Medical Help-GMH, sponsor in Northern Ghana. My main work will be involved in implementing the equipment education program where I will be holding group seminars and one-on-one training with nurses to help them learn how to use the medical equipment of which we provide them with. It is extremely important to make sure that nurses are well trained so that the medical equipment is used correctly. This would help to prolong the duration of use of the equipment and cut the cost of equipment replacement to become more efficient.

Next to my training duties, I will be conducting necessary on-ground research that will help us gain some insight on the needs of each hospital, as well as a look at the hospitals total support networks. This project aims to gain more knowledge to aid hospitals in developing a plan to help them draft a long-term plan in effort to become self-reliant and self-efficient.In addition to the above main duties I will be conducting side projects like medical equipment tests and inventory checks.


The Impact

“Dr Opoku [the Deputy Upper East Regional Director of Health] was thankful to Ghana Medical Help for taking the pain to research into the needs of the various health facilities in the Region before supplying the equipment, and was optimistic that the equipment donated would help to advance the course of health care service delivery in the region.”
– AllAfrica News

This is a small glimpse of the impact that GMH has on the Northern hospitals of Ghana. My mission to Ghana will hopefully impact Ghanaian communities by helping nurses be more comfortable with the necessary medical equipment that we provide them in order to enhance the health service in each hospital.

My hopes that the individual nurses that I will help train in Ghana will benefit in the program. The impact of these programs will be seen in the quality of service that will be provided to the communities. The better and accurate the medical equipment is and the better trained the nurses are in using them, then the less time spent in admitting patients into hospitals, the lower the mortality rate, and the quicker, reliable and effective diagnosis are given.

Where is the funding going? Why $3000?

  • $1,200 will be spent on my round trip ticket to Ghana.
  • $500- on vaccinations and anti-malarial medication.
  • ~1300 will be spent on accommodation, on-ground transportation and food throughout my 6 week stay in Northern Ghana.

The Perks

For the $$$ that you will be kindly donating, You will be receiving some ‘perks’ or THANK YOU gifts. Your support really matters to me and I am grateful for every contribution, big or small.

  • For $20 you will receive a post card from Ghana
  • $50: you will receive a GMH shirt (you pick your colour) and a post card from Ghana.
  • $100: you will receive a handmade sculpture and a post card from Ghana.
  • $150: you will receive a painting and a post card from Ghana.


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