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Report on Livestock and Health Promotion Program (SHEEP)

Compiled by Joseph Abobtey
October – December, 2015
for Ghana Medical Help

Mosquito Nets and Borehole


Location: Zaring

Target: Women

The atmosphere was full of excitement when the programme manager of the HCC took his turn to talk to the women. When he mention that the mosquito nets as promise will be given to them today as well as a meeting with opinion leaders of the community which some of the women attended to identify site for the construction of the borehole had been held.

The assemblymen of the two sections were both in attendance. They express their joy and happiness of what is happening in their communities. One said is invaluable to impact one with information to stay healthy than providing them with monies. The women was told how to hand the nets by one of the assembly man who uses mosquito nets throughout the year and stays in the community.

Protecting the mosquitoes nets to last as long was discuss. They were worn that these are mosquito nets and not fish nets. No one should therefore use them in fishing or use them for any purpose for which is it is not meant for.

In all a total number of 95 women, 15 men, 10 children attends the meeting.

Prior to the meeting with the women, a meeting with opinion leaders was held to decides on the possible sites for the construction of the borehole. They unanimously agreed on the three sites for the borehole to be constructed if there is water available. They are also considering mango tree planting which came out during meeting.

In attendance to this meeting were 12 males and 17 women and 5 children making a total of 34 people.


HIV/AIDS and World AIDS Day

Location: Zaring

This particular health talk was targeted at empowering school children and young adults on HIV/AIDs in the community.

Facilitator: Nurse

Program manager: Joseph Abobtey, Very long term experienced in community development projects.

World Aids day was mark with school children at Kaadema. The children were educated on the signs, symptoms, causes and management. The emphasis was on the management of especially regular taking of the anti-retroviral drugs. The discussion was much participatory, with a lot of activities.

In total 220 females and 230 males were in attendance to listen to the message from the hospital nurse.

They jot down key points and make sketches as the discussion was going on.

The facilitator took the children through

  1. People mostly at risk of the virus
  2. Mode of transmission
  3. Signs and symptoms of HIV/AIDS
  4. Prevention
  5. Encouraging their people living with AIDs to take their medicines.

The teachers of the school were excited to have such a day marked in their school. The children remarked that they were very informed on this and will share with their parents and relatives at home.

Each child was provided with a biscuits and a pen after the presentation

Health Insurance

Venue: Zaring

Facilitator: Health Insurance Public Relation Officer

The officer took the women through the various benefits once stand to benefit registering with the scheme. The procedures the follow as well as the billing amounts. He taught them on handling of the new card, regular renewals of the card to afford penalties. A total number of 80 females and 30 males and 20 children participated.

The officer announced to them that the insurance scheme is currently doing mass registration of school children free of charge. Therefore they will bring a vehicle to convey them to registration center. He urged parents to help when the vehicle comes to convey the children to the registration center.

The participants were very happy and express their willingness to get their children registered. Others said they will bring their children who are not in school to be registered. The officer was happy at the level of response from the participants.

Motivational Package

Pieces of soap distributed at the end of every talked. In all a total number of 4 boxes were used for all this health talks except the one at the school which was converted to biscuits and pens.

In general, the community health talks are well appreciated by the communities and wish to receive more them.

The only issues that run through this workshop was a shade since, they women had their ANC under tree and anytime there is rain they have to stop weighing. They mentioned that a pavilion will help them.

Livestock: Updates

Condition September – December
Vaccination 0
Number that deliver (live) 1
Number that deliver (not live) 0
Number that died 0
Number alive Adults 18
Number of young ones 6
Total number 24


The period under report, no death of animals were recorded.

Two of the animals are pregnant.

A dollar donated in the Zaring community is more than many families from this area see in a month of working full time. Mosquito nets, public health workshops, access to clean drinking water where they was none, and other community-changing projects cannot continue without your help.

Please donate today.

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