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Bill Gates Knows To Prioritize Poor Farmers & The New GMH SHEEP Program


Recently Bill Gates made news by highlighting the importance of focusing resources on poor farmers in developing countries, who produce a growing supply of the world’s food, and will likely be hit hardest by climate change. (Links are posted below)

We agree! Now with our new SHEEP program we’ll be doing exactly this. SHEEP stands for Sheep, Health, and Economic Education Program. It’s a simple strategy for empowering rural farmers in northern Ghana to improve their overall quality of life and make health a priority in their lives.

It starts with donating hardy desert-ready sheep to a beneficiary Ghana farming family. The family can use the sheep for milk, and sell the offspring, but we ask that the fourth ewe born is donated back to the program, and then to a new family to start the cycle all over again.

To qualify for the program, families must agree to participate in a public health education workshop every other month. This is where we can focus on public health initiatives such as family planning and disease prevention that will dovetail nicely into our broader mission of improving the health of northern Ghana.

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