Ghana Medical Help

5 Years of Helping Ghana Hospitals Complete!


Did you know our year end is Aug 31st?

This wraps up 5 incredible years of working in Ghana!

In these 5 years, we’ve:

  • expanded from supporting 1 to 14 hospitals, and from serving 90 thousand people to approximately 2 million
  • grown from an idea in Kelly’s head, to a registered Canadian charity with full-time staff and more than 45 active volunteers around the world
  • evolved from supplying basic medical equipment to conducting quarterly educational workshops, where we provide hospital health care workers with the skills and knowledge to teach others at their hospital and in rural health centres
  • changed the nature of the relationships within and between northern hospitals, from reserving their scare equipment, to a more communal dynamic, where staff desire to share resources and knowledge
  • formed partnerships with innovative medical technology companies that will bring healthcare to remote communities
  • helped improve the lives of northern Ghana doctors, nurses, and patients – giving many people better care, and in many cases, a second chance at life.
  • plus so much more!

Thank you to the hundreds of people who have come together to make this project work!

It’s been a great ride, but we’re just getting started. Donate here, or volunteer today to keep it going!

Stay tuned for more details of the impact your support created in Ghana in our upcoming 2015 Annual Report.


Ghana Medical Help