Ghana Medical Help

1st Capacity Building & Skills Based Training Workshop of 2015

GMH recently had its first capacity building and skills based training workshop of 2015 in the Upper West Region of Ghana for our local volunteers. These outstanding volunteers, called GMH Ambassadors, are the invaluable eyes and ears of our projects.
Stay tuned for pictures next weekend from the same workshop

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Volunteer Feature: Dr. Dominic Akaateba Surveys 11 Hospitals

Dr. Dominic Akaateba is our Featured Volunteer of the Month for January & February 2014

To kick off 2014, Dominic completed an enormous task list that was vital to on-site GMH operations, including:

Comprehensive needs assessments in 11 hospitals
Detailed impact assessments in our 9 partner hospitals from 2013
Surveyed the

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New Training Programs Are Underway!

Equipment Education Programs (EEPs) are a new component that is designed to ensure all donated equipment is being operated correctly, optimally, and receiving regular monitoring.
An expert GMH team is thoroughly instructing 1-2 staff members from each hospital on how to properly set up, operate, and maintain the donated equipment

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