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Our projects

All of our projects are designed and operated according to the GMH Gold Standard Model. The focus of these projects is to provide a comprehensive solution to the systemic problem of poor health outcomes in Lower and Middle Income countries like Ghana. To do this, GMH has created interventions acting at the individual, community, and district levels, and that address the need for both public and professional education and resources.

Clinical Engineering Project

Addressing gaps in clinical engineering capacity is a cost-effective solution to sustainably improve the capacity of healthcare professionals to provide the life-saving care that all people deserve access to.

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The Hospital Support Project

The Hospital Support Project is a cost-effective approach to simultaneously alleviate deficiencies in access to medical equipment, clinical training, and biomedical engineering.

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S.H.E.E.P. was developed as a complement to the Hospital Support Project with an emphasis on preventive care rather than treatment.

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The Rural Emergency Medicine Project

The Rural Emergency Medicine Project was established as an intermediate level solution for emergency situations, when hospital care is either geographically or financially inaccessible.

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